• Armen Living LCZUSIVGBL Zurich Dining Chair in Vintage Gray Faux Leather Black Metal - Set of 2

Armen Living LCZUSIVGBL Zurich Dining Chair in Vintage Gray Faux Leather Black Metal - Set of 2

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Brand Armen Living
Armen Living is the Quintessential Modern-day Furniture Designer and Manufacturer, providing a fully integrated supply chain solution from the product design drawing board and manufacturing process. Armen Living not only delivers sensational products but also offers extraordinarily powerful reliability and capability only limited by the imagination. Our client relationships are fully supported and sustained by a stellar name, legendary history, and enduring reputation. Continuity of brand both in terms of exceptional quality and an outstanding commitment to customer-centered business practices ensures optimal profit opportunities. Building upon its legendary 31-year Company history, the groundbreaking new Armen Living line represents a refreshingly innovative creative collaboration with top designers in the industry. The result is a uniquely modern collection gorgeously enhanced by sophisticated retro aesthetics. Armen Living celebrates bold individuality, vibrant youthfulness, sensual refinement, and expert craftsmanship at fiscally sensible price points. Each piece conveys pleasure and exudes self expression while resonating with the contemporary chic lifestyle.

Zurich dining chair does not compromise on style and comfort. it's elevated design meets impeccable style. we wouldn't expect anything less from the zurich dining chair. matte black steel frame cuts a clean curved silhouette topped by an easy upholstery in the most convincing faux leather we've seen to date. it skinny flared out legs are durable and forgiving. chic around a dining table also fits nicely as an unconventional desk chair. our zurich kitchen chairs can be arranged nicely around the zurich dining table for the perfect dining experience.

  • Zurich contemporary dining chair
  • Set of 2
  • Color: Vintage Gray
  • Finish: Matte Black Metal
  • M
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